On November 30th I published my eBook Predestination: The Bloodstone of Boiorix, on Amazon/Kindle.

Now seems like a really good moment to give a shout-out to my pre-readers and editor, without whom Predestination would not be nearly as polished. Of course, any remaining errors are mine alone, but I guarantee there would have been many more were it not for the efforts of others.

Firstly, to Melanie, my wife. You have patiently and continuously encouraged me for the seven years during which this book has grown from a handful of scrappy notes to a published work of fiction. Then you edited it. Over and over again. Thank you for your dedication, unwavering support, and for your help making this book significantly better than it would otherwise have been.

Secondly, to my pre-readers, including but not limited to, Jean, Margaret, and Peter. Your patience, feedback, and enthusiasm have helped to shape Predestination into a more engaging story. I thank you all.

And now, onward with Book 2 in the series!