Cover Art

Today I uploaded the fabulous cover art for Predestination: The Bloodstone of Boiorix (book 1 of the Predestination series). 

I hope you agree that it looks wonderful; evoking the concepts of history, mystery and the adventuress Kat, with her shadowy background.

Jane, from JD Smith Design, guided me through the cover design process with patience and professionalism.

Thank you Jane!

If you need cover art and want to contact Jane, click here.

I loved the artwork so much I had a 1000 piece jigsaw made using this picture, and gave it to my wife Melanie. We spent all the Christmas period Dec 2021/Jan 2022 completing the jigsaw. The mass of swirling blue cloud was very difficult.

If you like jigsaws and want to try your hand at this, drop me a message and I'll set it up in the store.