What's it all about?

I spent seven years (2014-21) writing my first book,


I wove the fictional tale around actual historical events, locations and people. Of course it is a work of fiction, so the characters' thoughts and deeds are my invention.

I find this history endlessly fascinating and I wanted to share that fascination with you, and have a conversation.

Putting dry facts into a human context is a challenge, one that I hope to have helped you with in Predestination. By 'human context' I primarily mean their relationships. Many people have said to me "I hated history at school; all those dates and names," and I would agree that they are almost impossible to absorb and retain. However, I believe that when you can see the causal relationships between people and events then they start to make more sense.

Example: Henry VIII was worried about his dynasty (his lack of male heirs) so swapped* his original wife for a newer model

(*repeat 5 times).

We can all remember that, even though we will probably struggle with the dates.

In this blog I aim to delve into the historical events, locations and people, that Jack, Kat and their friends find themselves experiencing.

My hope is that this will provide a deeper and more immersive experience for us all to enjoy.

Oh, and pictures of course.

If you have a photo to share I would love to see it on the blog, expanding our collective understanding of the period.

Until then, happy reading.